Savorgnano del Torre, part of the municipality of Povoletto, is located in the eastern hills of Friuli, in the province of Udine, destination of the “La Magnalonga” a pleasant non-competitive walk that takes place in early June, a path between nature and food and wine, designed to to promote the territory and its oenological production.
The route between the vineyards and the hills of Savorgnano del Torre of about 7 km is divided into various stages and at each stage is served a course of the Magnalonga: typical products and good wine to rediscover the traditional Friulian cuisine.

The Colli Orientali del Friuli extend along the hilly strip of the province of Udine near the border with Slovenia.
Gentle hills, whose terraced land (where marl and sandstone alternate) are an ideal habitat for the cultivation of the vine, protected, thanks to the natural fifth of the Julian Prealps, from the cold currents of the north. Cellars where you can taste and buy wines, agritourism and sports facilities, excellent trattorias, countries where you can discover small and large art treasures, the great Vine and Wine Park, the Colli Orientali are one of the most pleasant and best equipped areas of Friuli Venezia Giulia to spend relaxing holidays in the countryside.

Typical products: Gubana, sausages, cheeses, honey, brandy and distillates.

Typical dishes: frico, salami cooked in vinegar, musetto and brovada, cjarsons, dishes based on game and trout. In the area of ​​the Cividale valleys, dishes of Slovenian origin: zlicnjaki (flour and aquabizna gnocchi (turnip and potato soup) Among the desserts, gubana, struki.

First capital in Italy of the Longobard Duchy, Cividale has even older origins: Forum Iulii was in fact founded around 50 BC. from Julius Caesar and gave its name to the whole territory on which it dominated, which still today is called Friuli. The Ponte del Diavolo crosses the river in one of its most beautiful spots but there are many works that can be visited in this town. Among these the Cathedral and the Archaeological Museum, which houses among other things rare pieces of Longobard goldsmithery. But Cividale is also a pleasant lounge full of food and wine attractions.

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